Super CPAP Battery Pack - £629.99
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    • Super CPAP Battery Pack

      Super Cpap Battery Pack C100 & ResMed S9/S10 Converter [C100]

      Battery Compatible with:
      • S8 Series
      • S9 Series
      • S10 Series
      • Super Cpap Battery Pack c100
      • ResMed S9/S10 24 Volt DC Converter
      • Carrying Case
      • AC Charger
      • DC Power Cord
      • Operators Manual

      Product Features:
      • Super Cpap Battery Pack - 266 Watt Hours
      • 100 Wh - Watt Hours
      • 22.1 AH - Amp Hours
      • 22100 mAh - MilliAmp Hours

      Designed specifically for most popular Cpap machines, the c100 allows people with Sleep Apnea to rest easy anywhere in the world. Stop searching for an AC wall outlet and rearranging hotel furniture to position the bed within reach of a wall plug.

      Air Travel:
      The lightweight c100 is small enough to take on a night time flight and powerful enough to keep Cpap machines running throughout long international flights. The leather travel case and international AC charger makes an ideal travel companion.

      Outdoor Recreation:
      The ultra high capacity c100 ensures a full night's sleep on your next wilderness expedition. Outdoor enthusiasts can finally play hard and sleep soundly after a day of hunting, fishing and hiking through the forest. With enough power to last two nights away from civilization, the c100 offers CPAP users freedom to experience new adventures on the road.

      Blackouts and Bad Weather:
      Even at home, bad weather and blackouts can turn a peaceful slumber into a restless night of insomnia. Be prepared for a blackout and wake up refreshed the next morning. The c100 comes standard with smart chargers that keep the battery topped off and ready to go as an emergency power backup.

      Power Meter:
      The power meter button can be pressed to display the LED lights to show you how much power is left in the battery.

      Low Electric Alarm
      The battery low electric alarm will work when the power of the battery pack is drops to approximately 15%. The battery offers two modes for the alarm.

      1st Alarm Mode: Light Alarm: The red led will flicker when the battery pack is close to 5%. 2nd Alarm Mode: Light & Sound Alarm: Press the Power Meter Button for 3 seconds (after the led stops flickering). The alarm system will switch from Light Alarm to Sound Alarm. The buzzer will start ringing.

      To switch back and forth between alarm modes, hold the Power Meter Button down for 3 seconds.

      Testing Battery Charge:
      To test the charge in the battery, press the Power Meter Button down and release immediately, do not hold it down. If the button is pressed for more than one second, a blinking red light will display even when the battery is fully charged. If you push the button and the red light blinks, wait for 10 seconds for the blinking red light to stop. Then you can press the button again to display the power indicator.

      Estimated Cpap Battery Usage Chart

      Cpap(Usage Time in Hours)(18.5 amp/hours)
      Pressure............Ave Hours
      4........................25 Hrs
      7....................... 18.8 Hrs
      10......................14.3 Hrs
      13......................12.1 Hrs
      16......................10.5 Hrs
      20......................9.8 Hrs

      BIPAP(Usage Time in Hours) (18.5amp/hours)

      Pressure.............Ave Hours

      Important Notes:
      • Cpap Battery package includes a DC adaptor that will work with Respironics M Series machines.
      The included adaptor cannot be used with any other machine type. • When purchasing, please select your machine type for the additional DC adaptor.
      • Using this Cpap battery with an inverter will greatly reduce the usage times specified above.
      • All Cpap battery times are estimates only. Multiple factors will affect usage times.
      • These Cpap batteries do not have to be completely discharged before recharging
      • This Cpap battery is not recommended for Legacy Respironics REMStar BiPAPs.
      • The Respironics Bipap AVAPS Model 1029744 requires the use of Respironics DC Power Cord Part Number 1012975
      • This battery will only work on Cpap devices that can use DC power. The Cpap device must have a 12V barrel connector, and be capable of using a DC adaptor cable from the PAPs manufacturer.
      • Does your Cpap not have a DC connector, such as the Fisher & Paykel models? You can also use our power Inverter to plug directly into the battery and use your standard AC power cord on the PAP to plug right into the battery. However, using the inverter will reduce your usage times by up to 33%.
      • After charging the battery, hold the battery test button for 30 seconds or until the test lights display. This will activate the battery for use.
      • All Power Pack run times vary depending upon device type, pressure settings and altitude. Use of the 150 or 300 Watt Sine Wave Inverter or a humidifier will significantly reduce the expected run time.

      Do Not Attempt to Connect the Power Pack Directly to the Cigarette Lighter.

      TSA: Transportation Security Administration:
      Traveling with Cpap
      Traveling with Batteries
      Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions

      If you would like to use your Cpap on the flight, you will need a letter from your physician stating that it is medically necessary. Many airlines have their own forms for the physician to fill out. You should contact the airline prior to booking your flight to find out what their requirements are for using the Cpap.

      Some airlines allow passengers to use their Cpap in flight, but some do not.

      The following checklist will help you in preparing for your travel abroad:
      • Carry a letter from your doctor certifying your need for Cpap treatment.
      • Obtain approval from the airline's Medical Services for use on the flight.
      • Arrange seating close to a power source on the aircraft.
      • Confirm the type of power cord or adapter required by the aircraft.

      International Travel:
      The external battery pack is already compatible with international use, and you do not need a voltage converter with any of our battery products. In fact, we do not recommend using a voltage transformer with our battery packs, because All of our battery models will accept most foreign voltages.

      You may need an adapter plug to allow the US style power cord to plug into a foreign wall outlet. In case you don't already have a wall outlet adapter, we also sell on our online store.