Ultra Mirage II - £199.99
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    • Ultra Mirage II

      What is it?

      The Ultra Mirage II is a nasal mask that combines comfort, convenience, quietness and effectiveness. This new upgraded nasal mask includes an improved forehead support with flexible pads that conform to the shape of the forehead.


      Soft dual-wall cushion optimizes seal and minimizes pressure on the bridge of the nose
      The soft outer membrane reduces leaks and pressure sores
      Adjustable forehead support offers a choice of four positions for better seal and stability
      Flexible, one-piece forehead pads conform to the shape of the face
      Unique air vent design reduces noise by directing the flow of air that is being inhaled and exhaled
      Breath-O-Prene breathing straps allows air to go through them for extra comfort
      360° elbow rotation allows choosing the most convenient tube position


      Extremely quiet
      Completely sealed
      Comfortable to wear
      Eliminates the need of tight CPAP headgear
      Easy to fit
      Lightweight and portable

      Note: the Mirage Activa is available in 4 different cushion sizes: Standard, Large, Shallow and Shallow-wide.
      Make sure that you order the right size.