Mirage Swift FX - £139.99
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    • Mirage Swift FX

      The Swift FX is so soft, light and simple, it feels like it’s barely there!

      Minimal contact on the face and unobtrusive design make therapy less intimidating and easy to accept.

      • Simple, soft and stable
      • Stays in place when the patient moves
      • Designed for optimal compliance
      • Instant, intuitive fitting
      • Stable at high pressures
      • Helps patient sleep better

      Soft comfort all around
      From the tip of the nasal pillow to the soft, secure sides with Soft Wraps ... the entire system enhances comfort

      Stable during movement
      Dual-wall pillows and flexible cushion base maintain seal while adapting to movement.
      Spring-flex lightweight tubing minimises pull on the mask, enhancing stability

      Barely there experience
      Minimalism reinforces the sense of freedom - in terms of how the user feels and looks

      Choice of sleeping positions
      Swift FX users can sleep on their side or their back, positioning the tube as desired

      Quiet performance for quiet sleep
      Innovative vent design diffuses airflow for quiet mask performance - only 25 dBA.