Mirage Quattro FX - £169.99
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    • Mirage Quattro FX

      What is it?

      The Mirage Quattro is a fourth generation full mask with user friendly features and an advanced technology.
      This lightweight CPAP mask fits more than 95% of the users, using a MicroFit dial with 24 optional positions that adjusts to the specific facial contours of the patient, enhancing the patient's compliance and convenience during sleep. The Mirage Quattro features a Spring-Air technology that maintains a perfect seal, successfully dealing with changing positions and jaw droppings during the night.
      With a set-and-forget quick-release headgear clip, the Mirage Quattro is leading the way in both comfort and efficiency.


      The Mirage Quattro fits more than 95% of the patients.
      A MicroFit dial with 24 positions (1 mm increments) for ideal mask fitting.
      Expanded cushion width and height to fit all users.
      Dual-wall cushion with Spring Air technology allows changing sleeping positions and jaw dropping while maintaining a perfect seal.
      Compact and lightweight structure allows easy carry.
      Applicable with all ResMed's CPAP machines.
      The Mirage Quattro is latex free.
      Quick release headgear clip.
      Set-and-forget headgear clip.
      Quiet operation and venting.
      The Headgear is made of Breath-O-Prene fabrics. 4 mask sizes to choose from (XS, S, M, L)


      The Mirage Quattro is lightweight and portable.
      Flexible fitting possibilities.
      Extremely efficient.
      Easy to adjust.
      Easy to clean.
      Perfect solution for jaw drops.
      Easy to use.
      Extremely Quiet.
      The Mirage Quattro is easy to assemble and take apart.
      Quick release.
      Perfect seal.