Mirage Liberty - £249.99
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    • Mirage Liberty

      What is it

      The Mirage Liberty is a lightweight full CPAP mask with a minimalist design that provides the patients with a free field of vision. This comfortable mask feels very light on the face, enabling to comfortably read, wear glasses and watch television.
      A supportive headgear ensures stability and security while the dual wall nasal pillows adapts to the patient's facial contours to enhance comfort and sealing.
      The minimal Mirage Liberty is the comfortable version of the standard full masks.


      Free field of vision.
      Supportive headgear.
      Dual wall nasal pillow with a trampoline action for better adjustment.
      Reduced inventory.
      The Mirage Liberty fits more than 90% of the users.
      Premium mask bag for storage and traveling.
      3 pillow sizes to fit all users.


      The Mirage Liberty is comfortable to wear.
      Light touch on the face.
      The Mirage Liberty is stable.
      Extremely efficient.
      Easy to adjust.
      Easy to remove.
      The Mirage Liberty has a flexible structure.
      Lightweight and portable.
      Easy to assemble and take apart.
      Easy to clean.

      Note: the Mirage Liberty is available in 3 different cushion sizes: Standard, Large and Shallow.
      Make sure that you order the right size.