Resmed ReSScan 6.0 for s9/s10 - £119.99
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    • Resmed ReSScan 6.0 for s9/s10

      What is it?

      The ReScan softwrae is a flexible patient management system that provides a wide medical overview or a detailed report to enable the patient and clinician to monitor the CPAP therapy, easily and efficiently.

      ReScan software provides a profound insight into the therapy and can greatly improve the outcomes of the CPAP treatments.

      The Rescan software is compatible with all ResMed treatments devices.


      Compatible with all ResMed CPAP devices.
      A User-friendly Start Screen guides you through the softwrae.
      Adjustable onscreen view of data.
      Costumized reports enable you see quicky and easily the exact data you need on a regular basis.
      The software transports data eaisly via Rescan smart card or ResLink module.
      The complete data can be downloaded in one simple step.
      Provides summary data if up to 365 previous nights for a complete overview.
      Provides detailed data of up to five previous nights' therapy. changes .
      Provides data of therapy changes and addotional parameters (such as oximetry) up to 30 nights.
      Enable sending reports via email.
      Flag patient follow-ups.


    User friendly.
    The custom reprts save time and energy when looking for specific info.
    Easy to operate.
    Enable easy communication with the sleep clinic via email.
    Easy to install.
    enhance the therapy efficiency.